China supplier 4-Person Portable Camping Table and Chair Set Picnic Table with Foldable Chairs vacuum pump

Product Description


    Product Description


    Folding Camping Table and Chairs Set

    • Collapse this foldable picnic table into a carrying case with a top handle, so it takes up small space when you slip it in the trunk, in a closet, against the wall, or almost anywhere before you bring it to your dining destination.
    • Create a cool, shady space to sit and eat with the hole for an umbrella. Set this camping and patio picnic table up with rain protection and a place to stay under a dry, no-sunburn roof. Stay comfortable with healthy skin.


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    Product name

    Folding Picnic Table with Umbrella Hole

     Product size 45’X23’X26′   Lxwxh
      Product Material  Aluminum, Alloy Steel  Package size 23″X23″X4.1″ Lxwxh
     Style: Lightweight and Portable  Product weight 9.5kg
    Lead Time 10-40Days  Color  Customize color
     Maximum Load Weight  200lbs  MOQ:  50pcs

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    Q Are you a factory or a trade company?
    A Both. We are a factory, but at the same time, we do export.

    Q How to order a sample and how to pay?
    A :A sample can also be arranged, usually with payment, via paypal or other channels. However, the sample fee can be refunded after the order is officially placed.

    Q Where is the headquarters of your company?Where is the loading port?
    A We are in HangZhou, ZheJiang , China.Our shipping ports are mainly ZheJiang .

    Q What is the delivery time after payment?
    A Normally the delivery time is 2-10 days for sample and 20-35 days for mass production.

    Q Can you help to design the packaging artworks?
    A Yes, we have the professional designer to design all the packaging artworks according to our customer’s requests.

    Q: Can I custom my logo and appoint the color on the product?
    A:Yes just offer me your logo design with AI or PDF format so that our designer will make a display for your reference

    Q What’s the payment terms?
    A We accept T/T(30% as deposit, and 70% against copy of B/L), Paypal.

    Q What is the minimum order quantity?
    A Our minimum order quantity is 20-50 pieces for first order.

    Q: Are you able send to FBA fulfillment center?
    A: Yes We provide delivery of Amazon FBA warehouse services. Stick the barcodes, warning stickers,FBA labels for free.

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    Material: Aluminum Alloy
    Style: Modern
    Usage: Beach, Park
    Kind: Dining-table
    Folded: Folded
    Color: Silver
    US$ 30/Piece
    1 Piece(Min.Order)




    oudoor furniture

    Can I find child-friendly aluminum folding tables suitable for family gatherings?

    Yes, you can find child-friendly aluminum folding tables that are suitable for family gatherings. These tables are designed with features to ensure the safety and convenience of children. Here are some considerations when looking for child-friendly aluminum folding tables:

    1. Size and Height:

    Choose a table that is appropriately sized for children. Look for tables with a height that is comfortable for kids to sit and eat or engage in activities. Child-friendly tables are often lower in height compared to standard adult tables, allowing children to comfortably reach the tabletop.

    2. Rounded Edges and Corners:

    Tables with rounded edges and corners are safer for children, reducing the risk of accidental bumps or injuries. Look for child-friendly tables that have smooth and rounded edges to minimize the chances of accidents.

    3. Sturdy Construction:

    Ensure that the aluminum folding table has a sturdy construction to withstand the activities and movements of children. Look for tables with reinforced frames and stable legs that can support the weight and movements of children without wobbling or tipping over.

    4. Safety Locks:

    Check if the folding table has safety locks that securely hold the table in place when it’s set up. This feature ensures that the table remains stable during use and minimizes the risk of accidental folding or collapsing.

    5. Easy to Clean:

    Child-friendly tables should be easy to clean, as kids tend to make spills and messes during gatherings. Look for tables with smooth and washable surfaces that can be easily wiped down or cleaned with mild soap and water.

    6. Lightweight and Portable:

    Consider choosing a lightweight and portable aluminum folding table that is easy to move and set up. This allows for flexibility in arranging the seating and table layout to accommodate the needs of children and the gathering.

    7. Child-Sized Chairs:

    In addition to the table, consider pairing it with child-sized chairs that are comfortable and safe for kids. Look for chairs with appropriate height, sturdy construction, and features like rounded edges and non-slip feet.

    When searching for child-friendly aluminum folding tables, you can explore options specifically marketed as “kids’ tables” or “family-friendly tables.” These tables are often designed with the aforementioned features to cater to the needs of children during family gatherings, parties, or other events.

    By considering these factors, you can find child-friendly aluminum folding tables that are suitable for family gatherings, providing a safe and convenient space for children to enjoy their activities.

    oudoor furniture

    How do aluminum folding tables compare to other materials like plastic or wood?

    When comparing aluminum folding tables to other materials like plastic or wood, there are several factors to consider. Here’s a comparison of aluminum folding tables with plastic and wood tables:

    1. Durability:

    Aluminum folding tables are known for their durability. Aluminum is a sturdy material that can withstand outdoor conditions, such as rain, sun exposure, and temperature changes. It is resistant to rust and corrosion, ensuring that the tables can maintain their structural integrity even with frequent use in outdoor environments. Plastic tables, on the other hand, are generally less durable and can crack or fade over time. Wood tables can be durable depending on the type of wood used, but they may require regular maintenance, such as staining or sealing, to protect them from moisture and other environmental factors.

    2. Weight:

    Aluminum folding tables are lightweight, making them easy to carry and transport. This is especially beneficial for outdoor events or situations where tables need to be set up and taken down frequently. Plastic tables can also be lightweight, but they may not be as sturdy as aluminum tables. Wood tables tend to be heavier and less portable compared to aluminum and plastic tables.

    3. Stability:

    Aluminum folding tables generally offer good stability due to their sturdy construction. They are less likely to wobble or tip over, providing a reliable surface for various activities. Plastic tables can vary in stability depending on their design and quality. Wood tables, when properly constructed, can also offer good stability, although some may be prone to warping or unevenness over time.

    4. Maintenance:

    Aluminum folding tables require minimal maintenance. Their smooth and sealed surfaces are easy to clean with a mild soap and water solution. Plastic tables are also easy to clean and generally require less maintenance than wood tables, which may need regular polishing, staining, or sealing. Wood tables require more upkeep to protect them from moisture, pests, and other potential damage.

    5. Aesthetics:

    Aluminum folding tables often have a sleek and modern appearance, suitable for various event settings. Plastic tables come in a range of colors and styles but may have a less sophisticated look. Wood tables can offer a classic and timeless aesthetic, but the specific appearance will depend on the type of wood used and its finish.

    6. Cost:

    Aluminum folding tables are typically more affordable compared to wood tables made of high-quality materials. Plastic tables can be found at different price points depending on their quality and features. Wood tables, especially those made of high-quality wood, tend to be more expensive. The cost will vary depending on the specific brand, design, and construction of the table.

    Ultimately, the choice between aluminum folding tables, plastic tables, or wood tables depends on your specific needs, preferences, and the intended use. Consider factors such as durability, weight, stability, maintenance requirements, aesthetics, and cost to determine which type of table best suits your requirements.

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